Questions and Answers


It is a chance for you to know a good reference for Islam, which whenever you have questions in your mind, you can refer to it to ask your questions and then to receive the answers. is mainly dedicated for Questions and Answers about Islam. So, whatever questions you have in your mind you can send them to that web-site. I'm sure many of you have some questions. Send them to receive the answers. Not only this, but after you receive the answers you can send again and again asking for more clarifications.

Some essential concepts in that web-site you will not find in any other place. Believe me, I'm not overstating. It is really a chance to understand what the real Islam is.

My name is Khalid. I live in Qatar. I have read many Islamic web-sites on the net. I have found that some of them are good and some are very good. But is really different than all other web-sites. In my opinion, it is a unique source of the correct and true Islam.

If I like, It was easy for me to do what many other web-sites do. I can create my own web-site and fill it with dozens of materials and articles collected from here and there. But, actually, I don't like to fill my page with materials and articles already posted in hundreds web sites. I would like to present only the most important things I know for people.

Here in this very simple page, I'm summarizing and giving you the results and conclusions of my three years experience with the Internet. If you really want to know Islam or want to ask about any thing related to Islam then, in my opinion, is the best place to ask. Again, I'm not overstating. This is my honest opinion after a long time of thinking.

Because I myself have learned from that web site many essential things, which I have never learned from any other place, I feel now that it is my duty to tell people about that web page to give them the chance to learn the essential things that I have learned.

Please...please...please don't be arrogant and fanatic. With an open mind, search honestly for the truth.